Predicting decreases in critical power in hypoxia

Nathan Townsend posted a very nice presentation on fatigue ( ). Included in the presentation is work from a 2017 paper in review that provides a relationship between CP and elevation (see attachment). I can confirm that my CP vs elevation relationship is well described by his finding (at least between 0 and 2500 m. Any chance that this relationship could be added to Xert? (maybe as an opt-in choice?) Screenshot 2017-02-22 19

Adjusting signature parameters using altitude data is on our roadmap. This will likely be combined with adjusting them for longer-term fatigue too as both changes require that each parameter will have to be variable rather than fixed for each activity. We’ll have to ensure the math behind it is sound and that we have sufficient computing/storage resources for it too. Imagine now doing a smart workout with variable duration intervals at altitude after a 1 effort up the mountain. :slight_smile:

I live in Colorado and this would be a very appreciated feature for me. For some rides it will be critical to being able to successfully utilize MPA calculations in the first place. I understand it’s complicated to get right but I just wanted to voice my support.