"Pre-selected" Recommended Workouts

Hi guys!

It’s possible to have a Recommended Workout only from my personal list of favorites?

I already have a list of favorites, but I dont know if is possible that your recommended workout come this group.

Thanks for your help!

In XO click the Filter icon to right of Recommended Workouts, uncheck Standard and Coach at bottom, then click Apply Filters.
There is a similar option in the mobile apps.


Thanks a lot ridgerider2!!

To clarify I was thinking about my personal favorite workouts. :slight_smile:
Favorite activities can’t be a workout filter because they may not be defined workouts. For example, your favorite 35 mile loop ride.
If your favorite activities include workouts from the library you can locate them in the library, click on title to open Workout Designer, scroll to bottom and click Copy, then scroll to bottom and click Save. That will add the workout to your Personal folder. Then you can quickly filter the recommended workout list by your personal collection.
You may want to do this for other reasons such as editing the description, adding notes, or extend the warm-up or cooldown period, or to add an interval segment. All of which are easy to do using the Workout Designer. Your Personal folder will then contain your customized favorite workouts. :slight_smile:

Ok… actually, the thing I want to do is that Xert just recommend me, a workout from a personal list of pre-select “standard” workouts from Xert’s library. Not any activity done by me outdoors.

Therefore, I tired to have my personal list adding some of them to my “favorites” (clicking the golden)
… but it seems that dosent work very well.

In other words… I want to add my favorites to my Personal list of workouts. But I think is not possible.

At least, I can filter all the main library by time duration, and it helps me very much.

Excuse my bad english!!! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Let’s say one of your favorite workouts is ‘SMART - Follow Me’ in the library.
Click the title and wait for Workout Designer to load, scroll to bottom and click Copy and wait for Workout Designer to reload, then scroll to bottom and click Save.
A workout called ‘SMART - Follow Me (Copy)’ will now appear in your Personal folder.
This feature is meant to be used for custom workouts created in Workout Designer, but it can also be used to create a Personal folder of standard workouts you like to ride.
You can also change the description before saving the copy and add some notes such as why you like the workout. Those notes will be available to you when you view the workout details during the selection process.


Ok man! That’s it!!!
I’m starting to copy them now.
This was what I needed.

Thanks a lot for your help!! :smiley: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: