PP / MPA way to high found bad FIT file and removed how long to recalc?

I like using the XERT / Karoo MPA field (I call it “the battery” field) and realized it was off (showing 2,167 peak power / MPA) I thought maybe it didn’t download my latest profile and/or defaulted to that somehow? I finally got around to looking into the issue and realized I had a FIT file that had a max Power reading of 2000+ watts (clearly a spike/error). I deleted the entire workout from XERT but my Peak Power is still 2,167 watts. How long should it take for XERT to go back to my normal Peak Power / MPA? Clearly, I am not the 51-year-old MVDP.

A couple of guesses… Does refreshing the page do the trick? If not, perhaps going to Xert - Login, click on “Profile” (right of screen), then “Recalculate Progression”.

when I removed the workout it said recalculating with no change in the PP. I also tried the “Recalculate Progression” with no luck.


Xert will attempt to automatically flag data anomalies when they occur.
You can also manually flag activities you don’t wish to affect signature and progression analysis.
Go to XO, Activities, Table and the default sort should list newest to oldest activity along with your signature changes over time. You can sort the list by clicking on a column header to locate the highest PP entries.
You can flag entries from the table view and your signature/progression will be recalculated.
If flagging the errant entries isn’t producing expected results you should contact support@xertonline.com and they’ll take a look at your data…

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Thank you, The table made it much easier to locate “incorrect” looking rides. I flagged a few and it adjusted back to my more “normal” MPA.

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