Powermatching does not work and shows and "N/A"

Hey guys, I had a bug where the XERT Garmin IQ did not work any more; it just showed “Obtaining signature” and did not continue. I followed this suggestion in another thread:

“You’ll need go to your Garmin/Apps folder and remove the .PRG files, then go to the Garmin/Apps/Settings folder and remove the .SET files and the Garmin/Apps/Data and remove the .DAT files. Then using Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile, add the apps back onto your 520 (reinstall them).”

Reinstall worked and I also could start a workout scheduled in the Fitness planer. However, “Powermatching” did not work although the slider was activated in the Garmin IQ App configuration window, so I basically had to choose appropriate gears, cadence and so on. Then I also tried to check “Rest Powermatching” (or something like that) and tried another training, still did not work.

It is a Garmin 530 and a Wahoo Kickr Core.

Hi Alex (@lawmachine79),

Are you using your Kickr Core as the power source?

I think you might be talking about two different things.
“Power match” is a feature where a separate power meter (pedal, crank, whatever) is used instead of the power values from the trainer to have indoors and outdoors power values be the same.
ERG mode (or Auto mode for most workouts) is what keeps the power as prescribed in the workout no matter the gear and cadence you use.
They can both be active at the same time of course.

I sadly have no idea why yours doesn’t work though, sorry.

Yes, power is shown properly, there cannot be a confusion because there is no other power source than the Kickr Core.

Yup, as @idefix explains above, there is no power matching available when your smart trainer is the power source. You need to be using a power source from a dedicated power meter to use the power-match functionality.

You may be referring to ‘ERG’ functionality - you’ll need to ensure that the app is in ‘Power Control’ mode. Go to the trainer menu by pressing the back button (bottom right button) and select the Power Control option from the list. Hope this helps!

Thank you very much - indeed that was what went wrong “Erg” (to which I wrongly assigned the “Powermatching” function) now works.

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