Powermatch when using an external powermeter with smart trainer ?

I want the Workout Player to control my trainer (Elite Drivo) but use my powermeter (Stages) to report my power/cadence and as a base for adjusting the resistance of the trainer. What settings should I enable on the Scan page for my devices ?

  • For my powermeter I enabled “Power” and “Cadence”
  • For my trainer, I enabled “Trainer control”: should I also enable “Power” (don’t think so ?) and “Powermatch” ?

Also using Xert in conjonction with Zwift, and both set to use my powermeter as the power source, I have a difference between the power displayed in Xert Player and Zwift, Zwift reporting about 5-10% more at any time… which made my first workouts impossible to finish :’-( At some point I played with the “Trainer power scaling” and set it to 0.95 which seemed to correct the problem; now I see that this value has moved to 0.96 and the “Trainer power offset” is now 2.28, are these values automatically modified ? Should I do manual corrections/calibration ? I don’t want to fail my next workout once again !

Hi Gousti. Check out our FAQ on setting up Xert Mobile. Also review the blog on using Xert with Zwift as it has some relevant info. The app will calibrate powermatch automatically and continuously when set up.

OK, yesterday Xert perfectly matched the power with the one displayed in Zwift. Ready for today’s session :slight_smile: