Powermatch on Smart workout

Using workout player in garmin 1030, How do i know if powermatch is working fine?
I did a xert test for bt and all worked fine, i could see interval time in cyan color changing with power.
The day after i made another workout (two steps) but the interval time was not effected by power (the color this time was black)
I checked the powermatch was ON, Aldo tried a reconnection of the trainer and sensors, everything was working but still interval time was uneffected by power.

Hi Andrea,

SMART workouts have either SMART durations or SMART intensities. Two Step uses fixed intervals with XSSR-based interval intensities. So the workout stages will always be the same duration. When a workout has a SMART duration, you’ll notice Target MPA and interval duration will be purple. When the intervals are fixed, they display in black. Cheers!

thank you Scott!!