Powermatch CIQ App

Sorry for the questions but I’m not sure I fully understand this feature. I’m using a Bushido Smart trainer. If I use a bike with a separate PM connected should I have ‘powermatch on’ in order that the PM sets the trainer resistance rather than the trainer (to take account of any power offset like Trainer Road etc ). If not using a separate PM iIs it important then to have ‘powermatch off’ in order to use the trainer power data. Or does it not matter if left ‘on’ as I notice status reports an intercept and gradient value regardless of being ‘on or off’. I usually use a different bike on my trainer which has no PM.

also since the update yesteray when i close the app i get an IQ! error screen and it stops working but loads the workout even if I chose discard? The new sign in request no longer appears - confusing.

Do you just use the back button to close the app? The player will always load your selected workout. You shouldn’t need to sign in every time. Just once.

It’s just become buggy since the update. I appreciate you take time to provide a short partial response to each forum question and that’s great - but time consuming for you Armando. New users really do need a better structured route (electronic type manual or similar?) to get the best out of Xert or you risk losing them. I don’t want to bother you with basic questions on things I could sort out myself. However I have journeyed around blogs videos faqs Facebook etc and still have not found anything explaining powermatch and my questions above.

Armando please read above comments re Powermatch etc and not just this additional one:
Re second thread and IQ! errors … I mean the app incorrectly loads the discarded workout up to Xert as if I had chosen save and the error screen IQ! comes up. I don’t get the new re authorise message and have to logout out using settings to get back into the app.

Firstly, powermatch only applies when you have both a trainer and a power meter. The setting is ignored otherwise. You shouldn’t need to change it unless you specifically don’t want to use your bike’s power meter. Secondly, if the app crashes, the workout will get uploaded automatically by the Garmin as it is sitting on the device. It doesn’t permit you to discard it, unfortunately. I don’t believe we can instruct the Garmin not to post incomplete activities as this would be something that would apply system wide on the device. Wrt the crashes, please send a note to support@xertonline.com detailing the issue for us and help us understand how to reproduce it. We aren’t seeing these errors unfortunately. Also, please provide which type of trainer you are using. Sorry for you trouble.

Thanks Armando most helpful re power-match I understand. Re the CIQ app just tried again now and it crashes as soon as I select ‘Discard’ from bottom right button on 520, then I’m locked out until I log out via app settings and re authorise - see my table for failed attempts over last 24 hrs. Does it every time.