Powermatch and smoothness?


Until now I was only using my Tacx Flux S for ERG sessions (Power reading and resistance control by the trainer).
After some reading, it seems that the better option is to use my Powermeter (Stages L) for the power reading and the trainer for the resistance. Powermatch is sorting out the power reading difference of the 2 (about 7% in my case).
So far so good, I did my first try today. The workout seems to have been completed as it should when I analyze the end result.
During the session, the power reading was always higher than the shown goal power which is (I assume) the work of Powermatch.
However the cycling feeling was weird, it felt like there is a constant adjustment from the trainer. It was somehow disturbing and annoying. Now my question, do I simply have to get used to that feeling and it is how it works with Powermatch or am I doing something wrong?


P.S. forgot to mention that I used the iphone app

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Was it a standard workout or SMART workout with fixed duration?
I have a Stages L paired to power and trainer control to trainer using EBC on Android so powermatch is automatic.
I have a similar difference between meters so I want the Stages factored into all workouts.
I do notice some surges on occasion and the power shown on the rainbow gauge varies up/down more than when trainer is the only meter paired.
Otherwise the workouts run fine and analysis looks good.

It was a Smart workout, but the target power didn’t change during the intervals.
Just the Stages was as mentioned pretty much all the time higher (which I expected) with a lot of variations and this was very noticeable in the resistance.
Guess surges as you say describe it pretty well. It felt like in order to keep 250W, the resistance went 3 secs on 300W and then 3 secs on 200W(exaggerating a bit) . So at the end it was correct but it wasn’t very smooth.
Will give it another try and then maybe try as well with my Garmin Edge 530 to see it this changes anything.

So it was SMART variable duration (original style) workout and not SMART variable power (latest style)?
I can definitely feel surges when I am riding the latter.

I admit I’m not sure :smiley:
Was this one: SMART - WELCOME HOME

If you get a chance try Cascade which is under the Coach category in the library.
It’s a traditional %TP block workout.
I definitely notice random surges during the long green intervals. Less so in yellow.
I guess you could say it’s more like actual road riding especially on a country road with frost heaves. :smiley:

Thats a good way to look at it, simulation mode :slight_smile:
But it seems than that it is not a problem with my setup but more a feeling that I have to get used too.

An update on this, today I did “ SMART - TAKIN’ CARE OF BUSINESS - 60”
I m not sure if this is the same “ smart” workout as the previous one ( where do I see this?) but this time it worked perfectly.
Wondering if I had a different app interfering last time which would explain it. However I couldn’t find anything else as this was my first thought.
Great timing to have this while trying a new app/feature :slight_smile: