Powermatch and IOS

Getting my set up and comfy with the Xert workouts this last week. Reading the site to learn about all the little details.

Where in the iOS app or Xertonline is the Powermatch setting?

Hi @airegin ,

Welcome to Xert! :slight_smile: Great question! Powermatch in our app is automatically enabled if/when your ‘Power Source’ is different than your ‘Controllable Trainer’. Super slick, right? :wink:


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Wow! that is slick indeed!

Thank you for your “Welcome” and reply.

You wouldn’t happen to know how to recover a session that seems to have been deleted from today’s calendar, would you? I road indoors this AM and tis evening had opened Xert on my Karoo 2 which I hadn’t sync yet as I haven’t bothered to use the Karoo while inside. I just use my phone and laptop. At first I noticed it showed the ride title that I did earlier and then as I flipped around the app I noticed that rides was gone and the most recent was yesterday’s. It’s still on Strava but gone from Xert. I thought I could import or sync from Strava but I guess I haven’t fully investigated that route yet.

Thanks again ManofSteele!!

Yikes…now the session has been deleted from Strava. No kudos either. It’s all gone. Perhaps when I was looking around the Karoo I tapped a delete button. Shame.