Power Weirdness using Workout Player in Zwift on 2016 KICKR

Just checking to see if anyone is having this weird issue. I’ve done a spindown on my KICKR. If I do a Xert workout, my watts display fine in the player and in Xert, but my power meter (Quarq D4) shows my watts about 30 watts too low. When I program the same workout in Zwift directly, Zwift shows the same watts and now my Quarq also shows the same power (albeit sometimes a little low). Happens with both the iOS player and the ConnectIQ player on my Garmin. Problem isn’t the end of the world— I just manually bump up the watts to where they should be according to my Quarq. But it does make SMART workout and short duration intervals impossible. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong…

The iOS app does not support powermatch whereas the garmin player does. Use the garmin player. There will be a period of calibration. Our smart workouts normally have an alternating warmup to facilitate this.

Also, do an “advanced spindown” in the Wahoo fitness app. The “secret handshake” is to tap 5 times on the explanation wording for the standard spindown. The advanced spindown will do two spindowns and the second one will brake at the end. It completely calibrated my KICKR and it now matches, almost exactly, the two different powermeters I have (on separate bikes). Up to that point, the Wahoo was about 12-14% LOW by comparison (and made Xert ERG workouts impossible!).

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Thanks Fred and Armando! I’ll try these tricks tomorrow when I’m back in the bike and report back. It will be a steady effort at LTP (I’m back to yellow stars) so it will be a good opportunity to test things out.

Fred and Armando, BOTH of your tricks worked great. Fred’s hint about the factory calibration really got it close. Then I used powermatching and got it all dialed in perfectly. Thanks!