Power-Target for multi-day touring?

Talking about full day rides 8-12 hours between hotel/camp-site. Target is 200 km/day more is better! 7+ days, no rest days.

Any Suggestion? Thanks!
3 hour+ power? LTP? x% below LTP?

Problem is even on single day rides within this time/distance I stay 10-15% below LTP even when using the average that ignore stops/coasting. normalized Power is more like 20-30% below LTP.

Is Xert Wrong? Am I not fueling properly? Or am I simply expecting to much? (Currently winter here so test rides at around 0° Celius not sure if that affects performance notably)

Also those ride will add a lot of XSS over multiple days this will likely inflate my TP value quite a bit. Is there any way to avoid this? Simply don’t upload those rides?

When I’ve ridden multiday rides I don’t ride to a power target, instead I ride by feel, you will likely have good times and some tough times. Over the seven days there will be times when you can push on and times when you should stop and take a short rest, I’ve found fifteen minutes rest when I’ve struggled is perfect for getting some food in, getting off the bike and freshening up and quite often I feel much better after a mini-break like this.

The main thing I’ve noticed is that over the entire ride, I usually end up a bit lower, but not that much. than my normal all day long ride pace and power, I 'd start of quite conservatively , especially if you are carrying extra weight on the bike, it takes a while to get used to it, but after a while you don’t notice it. Going off too hard will put you in a place that you will struggle to recover from.

Ass for the XSS, yes it will likely boost your TP, I use Optimal Decay so that it comes down quite quickly, after my multiday rides I usually switch to off season whilst I recover and once I feel okay, I just have a week or so of riding for fun before getting back to worrying about training. Once back training and following Xert I usually build back up slowly for a couple of weeks and by then my signature and recommendations seem to have settled down.

Thanks for the answer.

Yeah riding by feel is was I was doing in the past on trips without any power meter. At that time I did
target Hearth rate keeping it around 130.
But this always seems a bit below the maximum sustainable effort. This is particularly obvious at night: when I can’t see my numbers I am notably slower.

So I was kind of hoping - now having a power meter for this trip - to get more to that optimal point just under the fatigue level.
While it is still a ‘vacation’ there is no reason to not get the best possible number to boost my ego :slight_smile:
(Also I selected a route thats a bit to long so if droping below ~180km/day I don’t have enough days)

I wouldn’t base it on LTP, as while it is individualized, ability to hold that for super long rides is highly variable. It is calculated as TP - 2.5*HIE, which has some logic (lower HIE means more ‘endurance’ profile and higher LTP) but for me it is definitely tempo (also vs metabolic profiling). 80% of that for 6 hours would already be an achievement and is around fatmax, but I also have a low TL (well below 50).

So practically, I’d simply look at what you currently average on long rides, and adjust from there i.e. ride lower than that if you are going longer. And for multi-day go lower again