Power stats seem way too high?

Hello, I’ve just joined Xert and the stats on the homepage seem too high wondering if its calculated differently or I’ve input something wrong?

on Zwift my FTP is around 320, on Xert 2 hour power is showing as 327 and threshold 358. Seems like a cool platform so hopefully someone can clear this up! thanks in advance

cheers greg

How are you measuring the power?

Kickr core inside and stages crank outside

yes there seems a massive differance, do you put all of your rides, inside and out, through Xert?

The TP isn’t quite the same as FTP
this is Xert’s glossary explanation

Also used as an acronym TP in Xert and sometimes described using the more colloquial term FTP, Threshold Power is a Fitness Signature parameter that represents the highest power that can be sustained without accumulating short-term fatigue. Threshold Power can generally be sustained for just under an hour by most athletes, assuming that the discomfort generated is tolerable by the athlete over the entire period.

Worthy of note is that Threshold Power is affected by work performed, with work performed at higher intensities having greater affect. This must be true otherwise it could be sustainable at any time, even after an hour of high intensity effort.

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What does the Xert power curve say at 1 hour

Yes everything goes onto xert. Power curve shows 380w for 20mins but I’ve never done that on any ride so am unsure how it’s got that figure, I did a 20minute test last week to see where I’m at as I’ve been training hard since started with Xert, I managed 354 but no chance would maintain that for an hour (but xert definitely works haha)

Great effort, I wish I could get near those sort of figures!
My understanding of the Xert figures is that these are the best you can achieve, when fully rested, perfectly fuelled, perfectly hydrated and “on a good day”

I also wonder if using 2 different power meters may be confusing the issue. I use Assioma duos when on the road and trainer using an elite direto. When on the trainer I use the pedals as the power source for zwift, so same as on the road.
I’m assuming when you say a stages crank power meter, its a single sided meter?
I don’t want to get into power meter accuracy arguments… but if nothing else they are measuring in a different place. On the trainer at these sort of wattages, a clean well lubed chain will be loosing about 5w- a not so clean and a bit gritty chain could be costing up to 15w.
I also have a stages single sided power meter crank. One issue I had, unbeknown to me was that my right leg is a bit lazy, my pedal balance is normally about 53 percent left, 47 right. so when I compared my new trainer readings and the single side power meter readings at the same time, I was a bit disappointed that by doubling my better left leg, the single sided crank power meter figures were too high.
When I got the Assioma Duos this dropped my TP to correctly reflect my imbalance.


When importing data into Xert you most likely have a lot of “bad” data and Xert in its infancy is trying to figure “YOU” out.

I would recommend take the system with a grain of salt for 2-weeks and just train how you were previously based on the power figures you had used before. I.E if you think you can hold 354 for an hour than for now set your TP to 354w for now.

You do this by;

Top Right Corner Name → Account Settings → Profile → Threshold Power

While you are in there set the signature decay method to → Optimal Decay

I would then recommend doing a breakthrough ride, my personal favorite is " Xert Fitness Test for Breakthroughs - Under Pressure"

I would then simply just start riding/training based on those results and let Xert do its things, in about a months time it should dial itself in correctly or very close.

Remember, you probably have never used anything like this before so all of your previous knowledge is only a guideline to the Xert life. You will also only want to stick to (1) power meter readings going forward, since you have a stages on your bike you ride just use that as your power source from now on.

@ridgerider2 is my hero btw!

good advice,
But a couple of months of data should be enough I would have thought.

Cheers for the input guys! Yeh to be fair it seems to have come closer together now I’ve been using the training plan. I’ve been having to fiddle with the power before the training sessions as they were ridiculously hard

The amount isnt really the issue, its the cleanliness of the data thats the issue. You wouldn’t believe how dirty the inputs can be and Xert just analyzing it as is.

Glad its coming around, it just takes time!

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