Power readings road v trainer

I am running tacx core and have uno assioma pedals.
I dont usually use same bike,so pedals on road bike for power .
I find that hitting the numbers on the road is hard. Trainer easy.
Is there any way to compare or adjust?
I understand power is reading from sofferent places but i wouls like to be able to ride and train at similair power.

Have you done a side by side comparison using your Uno’s and the Tacx Core at the same time?

If you know what the actual difference is (e.g. 3%), I believe you can use the Assioma app to offset the pedals to bring the two power sources into alignment.

Ive already off set when I had a right hand pedal to check my imbalance.
I was looking at them on the garmin and ebc but they were fluctuating so difficult to read.
I know dc rainmaker has a comparison tool.
And also pedal to back wheel readings will be different.
Just wanted to know if there was like a power match?

Oh, sorry! I misinterpreted… Yes, Xert automatically power-matches when a PM is paired along with a Smart Trainer :+1:

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How is this done?
You also didnt as I wanted to know values on the road…

If the bike you ride on your trainer has a power meter, powermatch is automatic if that meter is paired to EBC.