Power Meters and Trainers

IMPORTANT MESSAGE! We’re seeing many people using indoor smart trainers who also had been using power meters earlier. Be aware that the power data coming from your smart trainer is likely quite different that what comes from your power meter. This is true in most cases, even if you calibrate with a spin down. ALWAYS use your power data coming from the same source with Xert for best results and if you had been using a power meter previously, use that if you can on the trainer.

One way to set this up is to let the app you’re using (Zwift, TrainerRoad) control the trainer but collect the data with your bike computer from your power meter. Some software supports Powermatch and that should be used. Xert Mobile supports Powermatch for our workouts. Our soon-to-be-released ConnectIQ Workout Player will support Powermatch by default.

If you don’t have the possibility to use Powermatch and have to use power coming from the trainer, do a fitness test to calibrate your signature to the new power source. If you can’t reach MPA and your new signature isn’t picked u p automatically by the software and you’re not familiar on how to analyze your rides manually, let us know at support@xertonline.com and we’ll have a look at things for you.