Power meter failed - how to compensate

The power meter on my outdoor bike dropped out on a 95km ride yesterday. I uploaded the file without an power data, via Strava.

I’m not suggesting it was a particularly tough ride - but Strava reports 4 hours riding, 2,000+calories, av HR 137, and a ‘Relative Effort’ of 218. That is pretty similar to an 80km ride i did on Sunday (3.3hrs, 1700cal, RE153, HR av139).

Xert recorded (estimated) yesterday’s ride as XSS 76, Cal 708, Equiv Power 43
And Sunday - which had the power meter working - as XSS 228, Cal 1858, Equiv Power 143

Why such a big difference?

I am trying to be very honest with my Pre-Base training this year. Not going to hard too early etc. But it is a bit gutting to do 4+hours and hardly register any load!

btw - I love the software



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Not sure I get this right/understand you, but if you upload data to Strava without power data, Strava guesstimates power. That is a flawed method, although the end result, ie average, is usually reasonably accurate on a round trip, less so for a one way trip.

Not sure how much data got into Xert, either from the original, or via Strava, but if your power is zero, or if you have long breaks, Xert calculates a way lower average. And thus, lower XSS and TL, at least for the zero power bits.

thanks … I will upload the file directly to xert and see if that makes a difference
and, meanwhile, sort out the problem with the Vector 3s


If your file has incomplete power data, run it through fitfiletools.com first and strip the non-data part.

Good luck with the Vectors - I dumped them and got Assioma’s.

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thanks! It’s the first real problem - and immediately after changing batteries, which is a recognised issue with the first batch on V3s. fingers crossed I can solve it with a bit of fiddling

Meanwhile, I have just re-uploaded the file directly, and included the patchy power data that I had … and it resulted in a much more credible report
thanks again for the help


No power data is no Xert metrics, so you can compensate for the loss of XSS with a manual entry, if you want to…