Power meter died!

This is a tragedy because I love data. I kept my heart rate very steady on an outdoor 2.5 hour ride and I likely stayed around a 20 watt range give or take, so I’m wondering if I can enter this manually somehow and get my XSS for the ride. I’ve tried to look through past rides but theres nothing that really matches todays very well.

You can use fitfiletools.com to remove any Power & cadence data from the ride (if there was any). Then enable HRDM and Xert will estimate Focus, XSS, etc. from your HR data.

Excellent step 1 done, ,I cannot find where to enable HRDM. There’s no description in the link. Sorry Scott!

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I believe it’s in your profile.

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Yup, I just started digging and found it.

Wow it was really accurate. I was trying to hold around 220 watts and it gave me 220 watt average for the ride. I did a few harder efforts which it didn’t account for in max power but they were relatively short bursts up small hills. Really impressed with what it gave me.

My XSS deficit has dropped and therefor my anxiety about it has as well.

Thanks Team!