Power meter choice

Good morning all,

My A race for the year is a marathon mtb race in the ozarks, and I might do some xc racing if it lines up with my schedule. I also ride trail as much as possible, but we often get rained out here in KC.
Otherwise I’m on my gravel bike and have some thoughts of doing a handful of races like BWR, Big Sugar, SBT GRVL, as well as some smaller events as well.
My current power is derived from indoor training on my KICKR core, which I enjoy but the data geek in me wants to see what my outdoor profiles look like. If I’m doing workouts, they’ll probably be indoor so they can be more controlled.
Given that mix, if I were to buy one power meter, would you suggest it for the gravel bike or the mtb bike? (which data is going to be more useful?)

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