Power gauge on garmin

I think it would be fantastic to have a power gauge (1, 3 ,5 sec) with xert colors on garmin devices,
|Grey|Recovery level – generally below 70% of LTP|
|Blue|Lower Threshold Power (LTP)|
|Green|Between LTP & Threshold Power (TP)|
|Yellow|Near or Slightly Above Threshold Power|
|Orange|5 minute power (based on fatigue)|
|Red|30 second power (based on fatigue)|

There is no power gauge with 3sec power to my knowledge, it could give visibility to xert because it is quite sought after

We already have the MPA & Power data field that displays that information! :slight_smile:
And users can customize what power averaging they would like - 1s, 3s, 5s


It seems that there are only 3 colors, i dont know why?

Hmm… There should be all the colours! It’s mentioned in the data field documentation:

Hm I see thanks, why its not the same colors than : Introducing Insight-Rich Colour-Coded MPA Charts – Xert please?

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They do match the same color pattern and serve the same purpose as the chart and rainbow gauge on EBC and the Session Player. I.e., what relative power zone am I in at the moment. Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange or Red.
You won’t see Purple often unless you’re very good at testing your limits cresting a hill or winding up to an all-out sprint during a group ride.
Grey for all practical purposes would mean coasting. :wink:
Also consider how power constantly fluctuates outdoors versus prescribed resistance under trainer control indoors. It’s tough to maintain consistent wattages against changing terrain, road surfaces, and traffic conditions. The outdoor data field samples your power in this case.

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What is the outdoor data field please?

Same MPA and Power data field @ManofSteele posted above. (also linked below)

Here’s a video from a coach who uses Xert with his clients that demonstrates how Xert data fields can be used while riding. Note the video shows the original version of MPA/Power field with an old color scheme (green, blue, black, yellow, red, purple).
Xert Training Apps with Coach Richard Wharton - YouTube
The current release matches the rainbow gauge colors (blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple).

Reference –
MPA and Power - Xert | Garmin Connect IQ
Time to Exhaustion - Xert | Garmin Connect IQ