Power duration curve progression?

I like the progression chart with PP, HIE, and TP, but would like to be able to visualize my power duration curve as a function of that fitness signature over time. Is there a way to see that ie like tracking my 4 min power over time based on my athlete type

You can track it via the Activities Table at the moment. Add your Athlete Type column to the table and you’ll be able see its value and can track changes that way.

We have considered adding the values to the Fitness Signatures or XPMC chart.


Is there a way to track multiple points? I like to keep an idea of my 5s, 1 min, 5 min 20 min power etc just to easier visualize race demands and which portions of my fitness are lagging at a given time

Not easily. You can use the activity’s power curve tab and see what these numbers were at the time of the activity.