Power drop after changing deva setting

I changed my profile decay setting from “no decay” to “optimal decay”, and an hour later my TP has dropped from 283 to 259. That doesn’t seem to make any sense… Comments?

Yes. This does appear to be a bit counter-intuitive but the setting looks back from your previous breakthrough and decays from there and not your previous activity. So if it’s been some time since then, you will see a decline after making the change.

Yeah so apparently it decays from there, and doesn’t even look at efforts that would be breakthroughs with the new decay setting from there. So basically there will be a very big signature decline after having used “no decay” for some time, even when your recent efforts are close to the signature calculated from the “no decay” setting. I don’t see how this behavior is useful to anybody. It basically means you are forced to manually fiddle with your signature when changing decay back to “optimal decay” more or less always??

The best way to make a change, is to make it right after a breakthrough. So leave it on No Decay but attempt to get a breakthrough. If you feel you had one but it didn’t register, change the setting to Optimal, then remove and resync your ride. In either case, your signature should be ready-to-go from this point forward.

Ok tx! Will do the remove & resync trick on the next maximal effort