Power curve not updating itself

By mistake I recalculated my progression from last breakthrough. This gives me a fitness signatuire that looks unrealistic (FTP 20W higher and LTP at previous FTP value). I recalulated the power curve using some values from previous rides and saved the corrected power curve. The lower values are not taken into account - they were seen for a bit in the EBC ios app but never on the website.



Support following these kind of weird, unexpected and cryptic behaviour of the app would have been nice. Cancelling my membership as a result. All the best.

re upload the last activity with a breakthrough (that should refresh your signature)

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File a support request with support@xertonline.com.
This is the user-to-user community forum.
The power curve is useful for establishing a starting signature if no history is imported.

Thank you!

I removed the activity that had a breakthrough then uploaded the fit file then recalculated progression. The fitness signature looks again more realistic and aligned to my current capacities.

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nice to hear enjoy using xert