Power Bias on Android

Will this facility ever be offered on the Android EBC app @ManofSteele

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Any response.?

It’s something worth considering. Note that many power meters allow you to bias their data using their own app so there is a bit of overlap there.

I know but in my particular case knocking the reported power down by 9% not only makes the KJ on the ride very low and screws up the Carb/Fat figures but also messes up all my historical data for comparison purposes.

I also hope this feature is added soon on android. As some powermeters/trainers may provided bias correction on thier own, others dont.

Another vote here for power bias on Android. My Stages apps don’t seem to allow me to do this, so it would be very useful because I know they read low on my smart bike.

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I second what the others are saying.
Please add this to the android app as well.