Power Averaging in Workouts on Garmin

  1. I’ve used the Garmin app for one of your workouts, the power numbers are very jumpy, looks like you don’t do power averaging and override whatever the Garmin is set to for its native screens/data fields, is that correct? Since you use 5 second averaging for analyzing workouts why not use it in your Garmin app? It would make holding the required power for any interval a lot easier than trying to responding to yo-yoing 1 second numbers.

  2. Another request re the Garmin app - there’s lots of white space on the screen, when I’m doing a hard effort, particularly on the road, I want to be able to see the power, target, time etc with a quick glance and not have to hunt for the numbers. Shrink the white space and make the data bigger and more visible.

The workout player has a 3s avg power smoothing applied. Not sure we’ll get to the Garmin workout player anytime soon. We’re still working on polishing the iOS app up.