Potential Question for the next Q&A podcast

I think in the last podcast I listened to (Focus - Nov 20) it was suggested that there would be an upcoming Q&A podcast and questions were invited (I think).

My question - which is not really for answering now, is :-

Why does MPA not lower at all no matter how long a ride you have done beforehand as long as it is below TP.

Clearly after riding for 2 hours at 85-90% you will not be 100% fresh but MPA does not change. I understand some of the reasons but I thought it might make a good question to answer. I am sure it is covered in one of the previous episodes but a refresher might help.



My understanding is that the model/assumption for MPA is that it is only drawn down when you are over threshold. I believe the model assumes that MPA is unchanged my efforts below threshold - those are where MPA actually recovers.

Xert does give you XSS/strain for efforts bellow threshold to build into your Training Load etc but thats more for longer term training approaches rather than “in-ride efforts”.

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