Possible to append Workout name to the Title in the .FIT file?

Not sure if its possible to have XERT dynamically create the title in the resulting .FIT file after a workout? i.e) “XERT-”<%workout name%>. Just subscribed, and after doing a workout via Garmin XERT workout player, end up having to re-title the workout on Garmin Connect and Xert. Not a huge priority, but if possible, would be nice.

Xert Mobile does this. We don’t have the ability to name the fit files created by the Garmin.

bummer. thanks. guessing the iOS version will be able to. Saw a post indicating you may have an iOS beta out sometime this year. I’d be interested in beta testing.

I’m with the same question. Maybe it’s possible to put workout name on description field. I using every day and it’s very useful to have this on workout log automatically.