Possible AI Bug

Hi @xertedbrain
I don’t know if this a bug but this morning I wasn’t feeling great (pun intended) so instead of the suggested workout I have done 2 x 45 min very easy recovery rides (total XSS 50) and am going to another after later this evening. I understand the system cannot know how feel but when I altered the freshness score to -60 I would have thought that the suggested easy hour of endurance (XSS 55) additional training would have been reduced, but nothing changed. As I put my freshness score to basically “absolutely knackered” I thought it might have said “take a rest” or something similar.

XFAI doesn’t account for freshness feedback in the recommendations. As a “plan”, it shows you what’s needed to reach the target. If you decide you’re not ready for the training that day, it doesn’t yet propose something different than what’s on the plan. It would have to change today and then run Adapt to do that.

For the moment, you can do what you feel and then run Adapt afterwards is the expectation. We could look into altering today’s scheduled training by capturing/using freshness feedback and then applying Adapt Forecast for the user.

For example, if the Freshness Feedback slider goes left, the red dot on Adapt goes lit. When the user clicks the Adapt Forecast button, today’s training would then adjust to use FF and the rest of the plan could get updated. Something we could look into as a future add-on feature.