Poss inconsistency - Training status at top of screen and in Adaptive Advisor

Hi, loving Xert, using very successfully.

A couple of days ago I noticed what looked to be an inconsistency in information presented. I see the same thing again today. Summary:

  • Yesterday I did a hard (for me) workout, 4.5 stars, near breakthrough (woo hoo)
  • Today. training status at the top of the screen shows Very Tired
  • Adaptive Training Adviser says 'Your current Training Status is Fresh and you should consider a Climber activity or workout, generating about 108 XSS of overall strain
  • The Advisor Recommended Workouts shows only Recovery workouts, or other light workouts under Load More (which I’d expect for a Very Tired status).

I’m sure I’m missing something - any ideas?


Hi Scott. That’s strange. I have a suspicion on how we might replicate the issue… we’ll address it once we know what causes it. Thanks for letting us know and thanks for your comment!

Great, thanks for the quick reply Armando. Let me know if you need anything from me, happy to help.

fyi, in case it’s useful. Just finished a recovery-ish workout. The remote player showed a deficit of 56 XSS points at the start of the workout (also the same in the planner entry for the completed workout) and 12 at the end. The training adviser showed a deficit of 81 XSS before the workout and now shows a deficit of 35 XSS.

I’m seeing the same?
Screenshot_20190202-185539 Screenshot_20190202-185527

Done Song 2 this morning too Screenshot_20190202-185848 Screenshot_20190202-185833

Have a look now. It should be fixed.

Thanks Armando, not sure it’s fixed for me but I might be misunderstanding what I’m seeing.
Just finished a workout. Before the workout, I saw the following:

  • Training Advisor said ‘You have a Training Deficit of 143 XSS points… should consider a Climber 1 activity or workout, generating about 113 XSS of overall strain’
  • Advisor Recommended Workouts show workouts mostly between 66 and 104 XSS, looking at the full list.
  • Adding a workout to the planner, in the planner entry pre-workout I see ‘You have a Training Deficit of 99 XSS points…should consider a Climber 1 activity or workout, generating about 89 XSS of overall strain.’ - that seems more consistent with the Advisor Recommended Workouts.
  • Starting the workout, the remote player showed deficit of 99 XSS at the start of the workout.
  • Post-workout, remote player and planner entry show the same XSS surplus at the end of the workout (63 surplus because I chose a harder workout than recommended) and Training Advisor shows 19 XSS surplus.

Deficits/Surplus shown per activity in the Planner are based on the time of the activity. XATA on My Fitness is based on end-of-day. That’s why we use “Today’s Training Deficit” on My Fitness or just “Training Deficit” on the planner.

Ah, understood thanks.

The Training Status is now consistent between the top of screen and Training Adviser, and the workout recommendation is now consistent between the Training Adviser and Recommended Workouts - so seems fixed, thanks!