Polarised training plan

I want to train (cycling) for mainly aerobic endurance but use a polarised plan for variety and to maintain the anaerobic systems. How would I configure Xert to prescribe such a plan?

It does so automatically. Checkout our blog on Polarized vs. Threshold training and Adaptive Training Advisor.

I have selected ‘Triathlete’ as athlete type as I am training for endurance events next year, which results in LTP workouts. What would be a more appropriate athlete type?

Triathlete athlete type will not provide polarization as the target focus is pure endurance. If you consider perhaps a Climber or GC Specialist, even shorter duration athletes, you’ll get more polarization. Note that during Base phase, you’ll only get endurance workouts. You’ll need to move to Build or Peak in order to receive higher intensity and thus more polarization.


Understood. Thanks, will try.

But the endurance workouts will include intervals in the tempo and sweet spot ranges as XERT says these workouts are endr=urance workouts as they target the aerobic system - which is correct. If you wanted to follow a pure Seiler-type polarised approach this would not be ideal as you would want 80% of workouts to be below LT1 and 20% above LT2 with a bare minimum in between, which is where XERT currently recommends. I’m following a polarised approach with an LTP at 203 watts and Threshold at 260 watts but the daily recommended workouts generally have intervals in the 249 watt range so tempo/sweetspot. So I ignore them. If you could tick a box in settings saying you wanted to follow a strict 80:20 polarised approach and the recommended daily workouts reflected this, would be ideal. I guess this is a consequence of trying to merge two slightly different approaches