Podcast transcription

Hello Xert-Team,

first I want to say that Xert ist a great app :-). and I want to ask if it’s possible to have a transription of the Podcasts. It is easier for me to understand when I read it.

A Second Question would be if you are working on a german trasnlation. This would be great :slight_smile:

Best regards Thorsten

I doubt Xert has written transcripts of the podcasts. If they indeed do not offer them, you could try something like Vocalmatic to see if it would suit your needs and if it’s accurate enough. They offer a 30 minute audio transcription for free, but if you need more, it’s $10 per hour. Transcribe is $20 / year + $6 per hour.

Thank you Robert, I hope Xert will coment about this topic.

Sometimes it may be quicker to send them an email, but I’d be curious to know about the transcripts too.

Re translations: are you referring to Xert’s websites, the app, or both? It’s probably something they are thinking about and which we would be able to help with, but I guess it doesn’t have priority.

rev.com is a top rated transcription service.
https://otter.ai/ is machine based and offers a free basic plan (600 min/month).
Advantages for Xert include 1) reaching a wider audience, 2) transcripts become a marketing tool (SEO), and 3) content can be translated into other languages although Google Translate may not be up to the task.