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What’s the best bang for my buck?

I’m a masters rider who has fallen in love with ultra endurance gravel racing.

I’m coming off the couch with a year of uneducated training. I’ve tried other plans where I found myself over tested and completely fatigued leaving me unable to complete the plan and feeling defeated.

I’m a couple months into training using Xert’s training advisor and analytics and I have a new found excitement for what lays ahead in my training!

In some past Podcast’s I feel the Pre-Base training advice has been directed at folks that already have reached a high-level of fitness and use the Pre-Base period as maintenance and cross-training.

I still have a LOT of work to do with a lot of room for fitness improvements.

What style of training and types of workouts would you recommend to someone that would like to spend Pre-Base slowly building fitness without risk of early season overtraining? (Is there a volume number, ramp rate, etc…)

Thank you.

I may well be in the minority here, but I’d like to hear about using Xert specifically for running. Though I’m primarily a half marathon/marathon runner I am planning on doing (dirt/gravel road) ultras next year (50k, 50mi, and 100mi target races), but in general training for anything 5k or longer would be of great interest to me.


The area I think could do with a deep dive is the planner section and how to plan a season. That ties in with possibly both of the previous suggestions.
Xert seems to me to major on the fact that it is dynamic and to accomodate change in training pleans, missed days etc. Conversely it has a planning tool. How are the two compatible and what is the best way to use the planner.
If I want to be fit and ready to start build/peak phases at the beginning of April then how do I manage that using goals which seem to be aimed at a race date.

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What should you do when you’re hitting your maximum possible XSS per week and there’s no more progression/ramp available? Let it come down and build again, or maintain?

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Q&A podcast published. There were a lot of questions we wanted to answer but didn’t but promise we’ll get to them in the coming podcasts! Keep them coming!

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