Plugging in approximate Power data

Hi all,
Hope someone can help. I did two almost identical rides on two days. On the second ride, i forgot to bring my head unit. Is there a way to copy the power data or plugin approximate power data for my second ride? If so, how?

No, only XSS can be entered via the planner.

However, you could use to take the FIT file of the previous ride, alter the date and upload that to Xert.


That, combined with inputting the right focus duration, should mean that your progression will have the right low, high and peak training loads as well, even if there is no power data for the ride itself

I guess, but I’ve done similar rides, a day or a week apart, and Xert gave me different focus (duration) and/or specificity…

The same course can have infinitely many focus durations/specificity depending on how it’s ridden :slight_smile:

Especially when you ride it counter-clockwise. :slight_smile:

Which was exactly my point. Similar, but not identical. So, entering focus and specificity, taking it from the previous ride, doesn’t really mean or do a lot in the grand scheme of things…