Please help me understand...

While I am not someone who can adhere to a regimented workout schedule (RL, rides with friends/wife, hating riding a trainer…), I immensly enjoy numbers describing workouts, seeing effect of different workouts and all stuff connected with power… The more graphs you give me after the ride, the happiear I am :). I am a total novice to Xert so bear with me.

I started trial period last week and spent half of my free time projecting the effect of different workouts with the planner tool. I do cca 5k km yearly on the bike, and try to do sports 3-4 times a week.

Yesterday I did a workout with low intensity and a few hard uphill, gaining a “breaktrough” and a gol medal. My wife has an electric bike which means i die every time there is an uphill and coast otherwise.
1.jpg is a screenshot of my planner, where is it clearly seen that I have 2+ stars on the 7th, then after this breakthrough (and some other, manually imputed activity), It drops to less then 2.

What is the meaning of that? Is it due to te updated fitness signature (?) and what should I do?

At the same time the planner tool recommends that I do a “Lucy in the Sky…” workout, and pegs me at “tired” (yellow), while the “Advisor recommended workout” is recovery (attached 2), and I’m in the red, ie “very tired”.

I will be grateful for any explanation how this stuff works.

The stars are an easy way to see what your Training Load is. It’s an exponentially weighted average of your XSS so it places greater importance on recent activities vs older ones. In your case your Training Load dropped because last week you did about half the work of the weeks prior. If you’d like to regain the stars you’ll need to regain the XSS through volume (hours), intensity (difficulty), or both. Your Training Status & Form on your My Fitness page is as of right now (when you log in) and the Planner is based on your Usual Activity Time (look at the time below the Fitness Planner title on that page). Your is currently set for 2:47am (8:47am in Slovenia?)

Ah, TYVM for the explanation, makes more sense now :slight_smile:

It confused me since I would expect more like a continuous function after my recovery week, not such a obvious 1 day drop.
Additionally, cant figure out what happened to the Usual Activity Time that you quoted… I know I’ve set it at 4 PM local time the first time I set up Xert… Does it take into account my time zone? I certainly dont exercise at 2:47 AM :). But I do see the cause of different recommendations: Since I went for my ride earlier (10-ish), I eliminated the additional resting time till 4PM, ie “right now” I was very tired, but at 4PM I would be only “tired”.

Whoa, a lot of math and complications jut to go for a bike ride! I like it :slight_smile:

Usual Activity Time is stored with our browser and not on the system. If you login elsewhere, it will need to be set again.