Plans to Integrate the Xert Metrics into the Wahoo Bolt

Just wondering if there are plans to integrate the Xert Metrics into the Wahoo Bolt?
More and more riders are converting over to the Bolt Head Units, I love your platform it would be good to see MPA and some of the other metrics on the head unit like you can on the Garmin units especially during a race.

HI Mark - we’d love to load our metrics on the Wahoo system but it’s not an open system right now. Wahoo would have to invite us in. Feel free to send a note to customer service at Wahoo to let them know you’d like them to bring Xert to Wahoo :slight_smile:

Ok will do!

comment on the wahoo google group as well - there’s a request thread there

Thanks Adrian. Appreciate the support. :slight_smile: