Planning an appropriate future workout?

I’m guessing there’s a simple solution to this but I can’t find it.

As I understand it, the recommended workout list is based on current status (which is yellow star, tired).
Tomorrow my status is showing as blue star, fresh in the planner.
Presumably the recommended workout changes based on status - i.e, when I am “very tired” it normally recommends a recovery workout with very low xss.

I want to plan a workout for tomorrow so I am not having to think about it at 6:15 in the morning, but the only way I can find to do that is by pressing the button on tomorrow’s calendar slot. This auto selects one, but I cannot choose one.
If I choose one from the current recommended workout list, that is for my tired status today, not my fresh status tomorrow.

How do I choose in advance a suitable workout for my fresh status tomorrow morning?

Thanks in advance!

Do not click on the autoselect icon. Click on the white area. Then you can select the workout available for tomorrow


Thanks @Aspire .

Got it.

I was accessing it on a tablet. There, you have to tap the white space as you say, but then also tap the + symbol.

I’ve just tried on a PC and yeah. Clicking on the white space takes you straight to the workout page.

Great! Thanks. I thought it would be easier than I was making it :grin:

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Dont forget to set your time FIRST before you do anything else on that pop-out as when you do this Xert calculates your signature at that time of day and gives you the best recommendation as opposed to 11:59pm of that day

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Ah yeah, that’s a a good point @teddygram. Thanks!!

I tend to choose the workout and then set the time I will be doing it, but I should really do that the other way round!