Is it possible to have an update to the planner so that we can have the ability to add some form of annotations to the days. At the moment all you can do is add a “recommended” workout - Nothing else.

Also why does the planner works in the correct chronological order (for most of us anyway) Monday through Sunday, yet the Adaptive Training Program appears to work in a Sunday through Sunday format.

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The Adaptive Training Program works in 7 day blocks that end on your event date.

However, the oddity is that each ‘week’ is actually described by 8 days! In the case below September 9th to September 16th with the week before being the 2nd to the 9th.


:+1:Yes, an 8 day week :joy:

There are 21 hours in a day, no? :joy:

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What type of annotations would you add?
How many days ahead do you populate the planner?

Probably stuff like ‘Holiday’, ‘Taper week’, ‘Sick’, ‘Not in the mood’, ‘Cycling Trip with Team Ineos’…



Exactly that sort of thing

What does that matter?

Being able to add comments would be a good thing, so +1 for that. The reasoning behind an 8 day span - apparently not with 21 hours per day - will be explained, I’m sure…

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The Planner already shows any edits/comments you make to a workout upon completion – in the pop-up view.
Are you suggesting the ability to annotate workouts, free rides or rest days planned during the next week?
Works for that too.

I realise workouts can have comments. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m asking for the ability to add annotations to the calendar days, not the activities.

Such as what trainerroad already provides on their calendar…

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As a workaround you can create a 1 XSS workout called ‘Notes’ that you add to your favourites and every time you want to add a note drag it into the calendar and then rename it.

Not perfect but a way to do it.


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That’s not a bad temporary solution Mike. Thanks :+1:

Yes, that is what I meant. Fake an activity.
Click on the day, click on Title, enter whatever you want (Rest Day, Sick, Group Ride, whatever).
Enter details under Comments.

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Thanks :+1: