Planner training is not substituted in the "Selected workout" section

I noticed that for several days on the main page of the platform, I have not been provided with a planned workout for a given day (Recomended workout).
Previously, he substituted as planned.

For a long time I have unchecked the “Select a recommended workout automatically” field, because so far I work out on my own plan.

Has anyone met with such a situation and will tell you how to make the planned training substitute for a given day in accordance with the “Planner”?


If you mean why isn’t the planned workout showing as selected that occurs based on start time.
If you auto-populate the Planner (which simply selects from top four list randomly) the activity gets tagged with the As of time defined under Goals. The default is 11:59 pm (end-of-day).
Otherwise, the main page of XO (Training tab) reflects the last selected workout.

I fill the planner with my own workouts.
So far, on the website Xert - Login - on the right side there was a training set for a given day in “Planner”.
For several days, the training from a given day has not been automatically substituted, but there is one that I did the day before yesterday (I had a day of rest yesterday).
To do the training planned for today I have to go to “Planner”, select this training, open a new window and then click “Select workout”.


When you view the workout on the Planner, what is the start time set to? (Activity Date & Time)
That triggers when it becomes the selected workout for the day.
There have been some changes made to the server recently. If not working as expected, you can report the problem to

Oops … I didn’t pay attention to it.
I can see now that the header of the “Planner” has the date and time of the activity.
I changed tomorrow’s training to 8:00 - I’ll see if the scheduled one will be substituted at 8:01 :slight_smile:
Thanks for the guidance.