Planner Todays Activity

Hi, in Planner when I try to plan an activity for today I can’t do it? Usually when I click on a given day, a list of exercises appears. However, for today I can only complete an exercise or automatically create a recommended one.

Normally “Manual Activity” in upper left would only display when you select a day in the past.
Does this occur on other days in the future?
You can alternately plan an activity for today from the Training tab.

I also think it should look like this.

I can plan activities normally for days in the future. Interestingly, this morning (before 7AM) I was also able to plan my activity for today. Now (8AM) I can’t do it anymore.

I prefer to use the planner as the Training tab shows the current level of fatigue, and the planner shows the current level of fatigue.

Now around 2pm, I can again select exercises from the planner for today… strange. It was the same yesterday.

What is your As Of time set to under Goals?
The default of 11:59pm means status/advice/deficit-surplus is as of end of today if you don’t complete any training today.
If you set As Of to earlier in the day you lose the option to select a workout at certain times of the day. I haven’t figured out why or what the pattern is. :thinking:

If you want the ability to select a workout at anytime during today I suggest using the end-of-day default of 11:59pm. You can then set the Start time to reflect status/advice as of that time before selecting a workout. For instance, if I set Start time to 9am when viewing today on the Planner, the recommended list may differ than with a Start time of 6pm. It depends on elapsed time since last activity and whether calculated form has changed within that time.

Thanks, that will be options. Anyway support should fix this, I will try to open ticket.

It doesn’t matter, the update is already there :slight_smile: