Planner suggestions (feature request)

Hi, some suggestions for improvements to the way the Planner works:

  • Be able to add notes to the calendar view - e.g. events, sickness, etc
  • Continuous browser scroll, rather than pagination
  • Favourites (workouts/activities) should be clickable. That would also make them easier to un-favourite to remove them from the list.
  • Planner could indicate your program phases based on your goal date
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Yeah. This last one is one that we’ve been wanting to add as it’s been requested a few times. These are all good suggestions. Changing the calendar is tricky since it requires a lot of UI design and coding. Lots of information with a wide range of user interactions.

Agree some great idea. Armando do you have a Roadmap for Xert that you could publish for your users? I would love to see what you have planned for the next 6-12 months. Cheers

Unfortunately, we do not. Like many software companies there are a lot of “it depends” which makes it difficult to commit to any new features or timeframes. Having said that, iOS has been a priority and will continue to be.

No worries, keep up the good work!

Would be good to be able to copy and paste from the planner view.
I know I can copy a week, but I can’t copy (like option+drag) a single workout/activity or a single day.

You should be able to copy any activity (or planned workout) on the calendar using option/ctl drag-and-drop.

I really like how the iOS app (beta) now shows program phases and the weekly hours required. Nice work!

Yes I make sense if that info better in the iOS App than the website.
As a Neo/CABLE user the improvements to BLE signal selection for each sensor is a massive improvement for me, one of the hilights of this beta release.

Ok @Armando, it took several attempts, but it’s Command+Drag (in Safari MacOS at least) to duplicate an activity on the planner

Will the planner changes that Guy referred to be coming to the web pages?

Yes. That is in the near term plan.

I’m new with XERT, but Training Advisor suggestions are day by day totaly unclear for me. Is there any possibility to draw weekly day by day “need for XSS” curve based on goal needs and recent weekly activities? Information is needed for good preparation (diet, other dailly activities) to training.

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Hi Tadeusz, This is a good suggestion, and is something that we’ve experimented with a little bit. It would be possible for us, but it would take some time for us to develop and implement.

Scott, it will be pleasure for me to test this for Xert.