Planner question

Hi. When I add future workouts/activitives with known xss values should the planner show the adjusted surplus/deficit when you click on a future day (all I seem to see is todays value). If not is there any way to see the impact of your planned workouts in terms of their effect on your future training surplus/deficit?

Hi John,
it is a bug since the last Xert update. Once the bug is fixed you should see the corresponding surplus/deficit for each day in the future in dependency of what has been done in the previous days. That’s how it worked till last Friday.

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Ah right cheers Markus. I thought I use to be able to do that but haven’t used it recently - other than looking at the star colours :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, we have a fix implemented on a test server and it appears to have resolved the issue. So we should have a fix rolled out into production soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Should be resolved now, by the way! Cheers

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Yes much better thanks. I do still find if you add activities and then remove them or change the default time it doesn’t always update even after refreshing you browser (Firefox or chrome). I have to go back and refresh a past event to force it to re adjust forward. It was also doing this for me before the update so maybe a separate issue.