Planner no longer working

What’s happened to the Planner?

It’s no longer loading and I get the error message…

“Unable to fetch forecast information. Please try again later”

Also, the calendar setting start of the week is now Blank although I had previously selected “Monday”.

Same for me
I can’t plan nothing
The days before, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t
Can you inform us about these issues ?

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Just seeing this now. Would be better to send a note to What issues are you having? Send screenshots too.

We’re not seeing any issues here. We’ll need you to help troubleshoot. Thanks.

Yep support were notified at the same time as posting on here. images were attached. It seems to be working again now but wasnt for the entire morning (6 hours). It seems to be somewhat erratic. Things will work then they will not work. I wonder if there’s losts of things being changed in the background by their dev team.

We suspect it’s not a server issue but likely a settings issue on your particular accounts that’s preventing the page from loading. We’re looking into it.

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Many thanks. It all seems to be fine now.

My account has stopped working . No planner at all

What happens if you change Start of the Week to Sunday instead of Monday?

Obscure bug found and fixed. Can’t wait until ChatGPT does all the coding for us. :smile:

Will be better if you use Grok

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I confirm that all is OK now
A pleasure to woirk with this new planner