Planner broken? Yesterday 3 days red, today all blue

Yesterday I did a big ride with 866 XSS. Freshness status before the ride was green, after the ride blue (but I would have expected red). On the planner however it showed yesterday after the ride that 3 days: yesterday, today and tomorrow were red. When looking at it today, all of those days are blue.

Also after the ride the training advisor said something like estimated break for 4 days, but today training is already recommend with only 52 XSS surplus.

Is the planner broken? Why does it changes over night even for future days? Are the the training status and the planner not supposed to correlate for the current day?

It may have been momentarily red if there was a planned activity or Freshness Feedback was changed or perhaps a duplicate had been removed. May have just been transitory.

The planner uses the “as of” for the calculation of the training status for each day. If your status is very fresh going into a ride (over Recovery Load is very low) and your TL is very high (say 150) your overall Form (TL-RL) may not reach -30% of your TL, which is what what is need for red status to show, even with a large XSS ride.

Hm, I have not touched freshness feedback, don’t have a planned activity, nor removed a duplicate. I checked multiple times over the course of 3 hours and it was always 3 days in red. And today all days are blue.

This it what my TL and RL look like

Haven’t seen this before without some sort of cause. If you wish, you can download the FIT file, remove it and add it back in and see if anything is different. Reach out to so that we can help you there.