Planner and freshness

I find it a bit hard to adjust the freshness slider - torn between trying to be realistic (“my legs are dragging and probably I’m a bit cooked”) versus ambitious (“HTFU”). So, when I have it set at a certain level (usually fresher than I probably am) and then populate the calendar with advised workouts for the next week I then take a gulp. Wow- that’s going to be tough. It would be a big help if I could then slide the bar to ‘more tired’ and have the suggested workouts recalculate going forward. It’s such a pain to do this manually that I generally DON’T populate the calendar for this reason. It’d be a useful feedback: Slide the bar, have a look, and when I think it’s reasonable then leave it set there. Thoughts?

I did have a look and didn’t find this topic in the forum so far.

I didn’t check, so I trust you on that. Probably, this is not an available feature for any reason that would make this more complex.

What if you feel okay today, but not so much tomorrow, or Wednesday? It would be VERY nice if the already available feature to have a recommendation for TODAY, given your current HTFU level, would do so for a whole week, but this seems to me like an impossible task.

This would also imply that if you adjust the slider tomorrow and then again on Wednesday, all subsequent entries would need to be adjusted.

As I said, probably not there because of the complicating factors (we like to introduce :sunglasses: )

I don’t think that the complexity of having it recalculate is that big of a deal. In order to erase future workouts (let’s say that a week is filled out to start with and I move the freshness slider), it would require me to click about 14 times manually, and then 7 more clicks to repopulate. This is exactly the kind of task a computer is good for! I, for one, would find this very useful as a what-if exercise.

I don’t think you want to try and fool the freshness slider. :wink: That runs contrary to XATA.
The way I’ve used the scale is once I’ve dialed in my recovery rate I leave it unless my form improves or declines to the point I need to change it. IE, only adjust occasionally if the color doesn’t make sense the next day or two before a workout.
The slider may also need to be adjusted if I change IR and can’t handle the increased load at same setting. I would ride several days at the new IR before determining that.
I also don’t use the Planner and either accept the recommended workout or an alternate from the list on a day to day basis.
By not populating the planner you don’t have to worry about changes to the freshness scale. :slight_smile: It also means you are always dialed in since you aren’t worried about taking a day off, getting sick, selecting more/less XXS, etc. If I’m feeling especially fresh I may pick a BT workout or RAMP test. Otherwise I just trust in the gradual load increase as I move from phase to phase.
If you were to populate the planner for a week then change the slider you should only need to click the “Automatically create a workout” icon seven times to repopulate those dates. Only takes a few secs, but I suppose they could add an option called “recreate all scheduled workouts”.
Keep in mind even if you don’t change the freshness slider and click that icon for each day you’ll get an entirely different set of workouts for that week.