Planner and Coaching view

Hi there, I am only able to put one workout into the planner. When I try to drag another one it goes through the motions but the workout is not visible on the planner. Can you check and see why that is? Also I only get a calendar view and not a table view. It comes up with an error message. Thanks much appreciated.

Is this for your calendar or your athlete’s?


Are they Premium subscribers?

Table issue will be fixed in the next update that will come out in next week or so.

They just started so they are on the free subscription at this time. They will be converting to premium when it is time.

Hi Hans. Does it depend on which workout you drag, where you drop it or which user you are planning it for?

It seems to allow me to drag and drop one workout, then when I go to plan workouts for the other days of the week they will not stick. From what I just tested It looks like I can only add one workout per week in any week. I only have the one user testing the system at this time.

Ok. We’re able to reproduce. Will look into it. Thanks for your patience.

No problem, I am glad to be part of the new view on training with power.