Placing a day off in the planner

Hi. I would like your views. I sometimes plan a few days ahead by using the recommended workouts. I think it would be great if I could say on the planner which days are rest days. The idea being that the other days can automatically adapt. My training weeks don’t tend to resemble one another.

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I’ve asked this question previously and was advised to just add a rest day and give it an xss of 1

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Hi Paul,

Unlike other systems that might have pre-defined recovery days, Xert will only recommend recovery days when your status is red, so it sort of depends what workouts you perform whether or not you hit red status.

As @oldcyclist65 mentioned above (and perhaps if I originally misunderstood your question), you can plan a rest day by creating a manual 1 XSS activity and call it “recovery” or something like that.

Hope that makes sense! Cheers,

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What I was thinking is that some days life decides for you. I wondered if XATA could make use of knowing that you will not be able to ride your bike that day. I might try the 1 XSS technique but it is a poor workaround for what appears to be a simple feature.
Thanks for your replies :+1:

I don’t normally use the Planner but when I do it’s week to week.
Any rest days are simply left blank. Seems logical to me without a label, but some users prefer to assign a “rest day” on their calendar using the workaround mentioned.
To me it’s no different than skipping a scheduled workout (“life decides for you”).
In either case XATA adapts. :slight_smile: