Pin a workout

hi, when i select a workout, as part of the training plan, I can pin it so it doens’t get lost when recalculating

however, I can not pin a workout that is not part of the training schedule - typical example: when planning a workout or a ride during a future day that is marked as rest.

would be great if i can pin that as well (and then have recalculate my training factoring that ride in)

practical example: this thursday will be sunny, so i plan a ride outside, i know it will be 220 XSS roughly, so I’d like to pin that on thursday so the training on wed and friday can be rebalanced.

Hi @Blouies ,

EDIT: In desktop view, if you use the Choose Training option on the rest day (shown below), you can use text search to find an old activity, a workout, or hit the ‘Manual’ option to manually key in your estimated duration, Focus/XSS, etc. that you want to plan for that day.

Once the workout is set, you can ‘pin’ it to the planner and adapt the forecast around it:

Hope this helps! Cheers! :slight_smile:

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This helped. Now its up to the sun to do their part of the plan: Sunny thu pm!