Perpairing for an Ultra Endurance Event

Looking for advice once again:

Some backgrond
Preparing for annual ultra endurance event of 392km( within 24hours, last year was 372km) I got some advice from members and @jyhudon @wescaine @ManofSteele @ridgerider2… and many more… Calling all your experts again…

Last year Race, i started of were well and felt very good on the first 100km. Got a flat which then stalled me at the water point for at least 30min.

I then took on the next phase which had a lot of rolling heals and went in the first half of the 70km half with a steady pace, in the second half i take a long with a group(half distance riders) and the pace increased with 50%. This might have killed my energy. Rested for about 30min and took on the next 70km. Here the body felt okayish cant really remember this stage but at the end i felt the fatigue coming in heavy. Took another 20min rest. Then Started phase 5. Here the body felt it, had some more tyre issues and struggled to complete this phase. Took another 30min break, tried to refresh and took on stage 6. Here i was really tired, my tyre burst and i had to walk for about 3km. put in a tube and eventually finished after 22h. (cant give you really stats as i have no power meter and my heart rate recording device failed on the second half of the race…ride)

on Training i tried to spent alot of time at TP and did workouts like:
monday 3 x 20 at 90% extended
Tuesday a HIT training ride
Wednesday a 4 x8
Thursday hour of power
Friday rest
Saturday mtb with atleast 100m elevation zone 3 hr( sometimes 4,5.8)
Sunday rest
including some back to back rides on Sundays

Going forward:

I started my base phase on the 16 of Aug(about 120 days out. Followed mostly what xert recommended, On weekend i tried do 6hour rides on weekend and the 3 hour ride the next and the 6hour ride the next

With the build phase starting this week, i see xert proposing workouts above TP. I recently read about spend lots of time at LTP and alot recommendations from diffrent riders.

Xert rarely recommend LTP workouts (or maybe i am doing it wrong) I asume that exert recommend based on your athlete type progression rate you set and how many XSS piont was done the previous week.

So currently my XSS pionts look like this, one week 600, another 800, then a 1000 then back to 700 ect.

So i would like to know.
My training had to change to 1 hour during the weekdays(about 4hours per week) and between 6/8/9/10) on weekends increasing to 12 going into the build phase.

So please advice again. What you think on LTP workouts and what xert recommends. It is the start of the build phase so i have not done much 3 x20( at TP) yet, Xer Recommendations started with above TP 3x 8( gasoline 3,5 to be specific)

any advice will be highly appreciated

I have ridden 6 - 330Km rides this year with elevations gains ranging from 5500m to 3000m with 18 hour cut offs. After reviewing your notes I see the following opportunities based on my experience from the school of hard knocks.

Equipment - I use Mylar liners in my clincher tyres to eliminate the risk of flats (1 every 2500+ miles). If I do get a flat I try to replace CO2 with air at the next rest stop. I carry 2 tubes, extra tyre if a lot of dirt track. Also test/replace batteries prior to the event ( having a PM or HRM fail due to batteries is frustrating - been there)

Pacing - Know your all day pace and be disciplined to maintain it. A power meter is invaluable (it is worth the investment). I ride between LTP and 80% LTP with surges on tough climbs.

I like your plan of increasing duration as you work toward your event. You might want to consider increasing the last long training ride to 75% of the event distance/time (limit climbing to 50% of event).

I rest for 6-7 days prior to the event to ensure I am very fresh.

Other Xerter’s are probably better qualified to comment on the workout-trainer rides (frequency and intensity).

PS: as you will be riding at night, having enough lighting to be safe and maintain Excellent visibility reduces stress ( i have 3 lights (1- helmet, 2 on the dash), 2 rear lights (bike and helmet). I quit one ride at 200km because of poor lighting combined with a flat from hitting a pot hole and fatigue from poor pacing


I don’t have experience with ultra endurance training so am probably not best to advise… can share my two cents but would take with a grain of salt!

The sample week you gave looks like a lot of intensity, back to back, which I’m not sure is optimal. I guess that’s from last year - how did it feel? Was it too much intensity?

And how do you feel after base? I assume that was a lot of LTP work if you followed Xert? Do you ride around LTP in your 6 hour ride (impossible for me for that long) or much easier?

I think it’s fine (even good) to do some climber or GC specialist workouts during build, per Xert recommendations, but would closely monitor recovery… you may find you need to ride easier on your long rides in order to handle one or two days of intensity a week… but that’s ok… also, you may not need two above TP workouts a week - maybe one above, and one close to but slightly below (high sweet spot)? Wouldn’t do more than two hard rides a week (for long anyway)

Thank you for your Input. I guess the the intensity was very high. as i try to change up things from lessons learned. My time during the week only allows to do 1 hour rides and thats why i try to put on some time on weekends.

During the week i follow xert recommend workouts and weekends try to keep alot at LTP. Maybe i should still follow xert durring the week but only decrease n intensity. Like if Xert recommends 110% to do only 80% of the workout.

Still trying to workout what works. Assuming to do 130xss avg per day. I would look at 80xss during the week(perday) and increase it over the weekend to reach that average.

Looking to reach my goals i need this type of advise.