Period stats on Android

Just wondered what the 3 Focus Durations signify on the Period Stats.

Looks like a bug in EBC app.
Supposed to read Start, Avg, End on top and your case Sprint TT for all three under the numbers.

Thanks - it must be a bug. My Rider Type is actually set to Triathlete

Threshold power has changed by 1.2 watts as well. That is rather precise !!!

Sprint TT is your Start, Average and Ending focus duration based on the activities for that period (a week in this case). 15:30, 21:48 and 16:18 are all near the 20:00 minute point.

My athlete type at the moment is set is Breakaway Specialist but current weekly focus range is Climber (Start), GC Specialized (Avg), Climber (End).

You can also monitor focus changes on the Progression charts. Example:

People would be amazed how precise the system is. Most everything that you see on the front end is rounded :slight_smile:

Yeah I know. I can feel the 1W in my legs but I’m not too sure about the 0.2 though😁

Thanks but why the different athlete types underneath the numbers?

Until the screen format bug is fixed, ignore the bottom labels. The top labels are correct.
Here’s what it should look like –


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Yes mine is wrong too.