Percent Fat & Carb Oxidation

I would like to see a fat/carb oxidation graph for myself similar to the one linked here: Is this available somewhere that I’m missing? I’m trying to determine the percentage of my power at threshold that comes from carbs vs. fat. Thanks for any help!

Hi Mike,

We don’t offer those charts in the software anywhere, that’s just a demonstrative figure for how our data is calculated. If you have a Garmin device, you can switch the Carb/Fat data field to display the Watts that are derived from Fat and Carbs. This gives a pretty good idea of the ratio of CHO to Fat riding at various intensities, including threshold.

Thanks, Scott. Does the same go for the Work Contribution Ratio charts shown here?:

Correct, that is just an example of how it’s derived/calculated. We don’t provide these charts for users to view.