Peak Power

From what I understand, Peak Power is the absolute physical wattage that you can lay down if even for 1 second. I’m in the trial period of the software and trying out some of the workouts. I did the Peak Power workout which was prescribing me an interval power of around 950W. I ended up surpassing this by about 100W for almost all intervals with a max wattage of 1225W on the last interval. Should this not replace my previous Peak Power number? Also, shouldn’t there be a breakthrough in there somewhere since the wattage on pretty much all of these intervals was much higher than the MPA at that time in the workout?

The algorithm guards against short, spiky efforts in changing signature parameters. This is mostly to avoid anomalies caused by some power meters. If you feel it is a good PP value, use the Activity Details / Advanced tab and key in the number you wish to have for PP at the bottom and Save/Lock it to the activity. This will maintain the value for that activity and apply the change to future activities. Alternatively you can push for a PP effort for longer which will more likely be picked up by the system as your PP value.