Peak Power

is anyway i can clean the spoke powers that aventualy the gps record from the power unit, because of bad road, etc,
because of that spokes, sometimes, i have BT on peak power, and my fitness signatuures change whitout reason,
i have the xert sync whit strava

Hi Daniel,

Check out to remove power spikes from your data files. Cheers

i need do download from strava and correct and upload again right?

strava dont have fit file avaiable

theres another way? in xert, dont have that option to remove?

Hi Daniel,

You’re correct, you will need to download the original file, remove the peaks, and re-upload the corrected file. Where was the activity recorded? On a Garmin?

yes, i was testing, and i download the fit file from garmin connect and upload to strava, would be possible in the future in xert remove this peaks? there are many people complaining about this issues on strava too

We actually have data filters in our online platform that catch the vast majority of faulty data coming in. This was a rare scenario where our filter wasn’t able to catch/remove the peak, but fitfiletools is usually a quick/easy way to resolve the issue.

one thing i notice, if i sync whit garmin direct to xert, the peaks power dont clean, but if use strava -> xert sync, the peak cleans, i cleared all my last 6 weeks of sync by garmin, and syc by strava, and the problem was gone,